Star Trek Chronology (Version 9.0) Notes 9607.01

This (James Dixon) Star Trek Chronology file is without a doubt (as far as I know, at least) the most exhaustively researched and information-packed timeline of the Star Trek Universe available (without insulting the intel- ligence of hardcore Trekkers by bombarding them with commonly-known Trek facts, that is). You might not agree with All the information here (I certainly don't) but it is a good read and all of it comes from the episodes, movies, and publications. Certain items which are conjectural are noted, and a good amount of space in this section is devoted to dis- cussing them.

This is the third edition to include Spaceflight Chronology information as well as data from gaming systems. All comic books also continue to be avoided since I personally doubt their accuracy, do not collect them, and am still recovering from the 1st generation of Star Trek comic books from way back when. Pocket Books' new series of "Young Reader" Star Trek adventures also aren't included included, for similar reasons. But considering how I promised not to include FASA (and have skipped around it and the Spaceflight book for a decade) in half a dozen previous versions, I wouldn't just yet count them out in future editions. On the other hand, all of the novels and short stories are included however, though it is very doubtful that they all occur in the same Star Trek timeline. Previous versions of this Chronology included only past references of data in novels and short stories falling in the latter portion of the 5-year mission (circa 2263-2265) due to the complexity of arranging the bulk of these novels into an exact order. Beginning in the 6th version, all "5th year" novels, up to the date of publication, were arranged in a reasonable chronological order, complete with stardates (whenever available).